Available as Freeware* from K2RFP     

These programs are written for a PC and run on all flavors of Windows from Windows-95 and up.
They should also work with Linux running WINE.

Freeware* = No cost, no obligation, no nags, and no liability on the part of the provider. Yes, free
but not open source. If you want to show your appreciation for the use of this software you can make a
donation in whatever amount you feel appropriate to Dick at K2RFP. No PayPal and no credit cards.
A check or "green stamps" via snailmail is fine. Thank you and enjoy.

sprintlogger-setup.zip - The original logging program for SKCC sprints (CW only). Keeps files in ADIF
so it is compatible for export/import with other programs that use that format.
This logger is the only logger with built in procedures written for CW-Fun events.

gorc-logger-setup.zip - If you use the K2RFP Sprintlogger for SKCC sprints you will feel right at home
with this logging program written for The Great Outdoors Radio Club. The program keeps files
in ADIF so it is compatible for export/import with other programs that use that format.

cts-setup.zip - Program to generate applications for SKCC Centurion, Tribune, and Senator Awards,
including multiples and band endorsement.

5-lookups-setup.zip - Lookup program for SKCC, NAQCC, FISTS, CWOPS and GORC
membership numbers.

cf-logscan-setup.zip - Program to generate the WordString from a log file for CW-Fun Events.
This program is for CW-Fun participants who do not use the sprintlogger program.
If you use the sprintlogger program you do not need this program since the sprintlogger
can do what this program does.

qslcard3-setup.zip - This is an updated version of my earlier Qsl Cardmaker program.
If you are updating from the earlier version (no "3" in the filename) you should not install this
version to the old version folder. Install it to the reccommended folder and then copy files from
the old folders to the new folders as needed.

qslenvelope-setup.zip - Prints a fold-and-paste envelope on 8.5 x 11 inch paper suitable for sending
4 x 6 photo size QSL cards or other photos.

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