CW Fun Event-19 Results

Date: May 14, 2016
The data submit window is still open for this Event.

Event Information

Your score for the event is determined from five values as follows:

QSOCount This is the number of stations you have contacted and exchanged data with. You, and the other person do not have to be a registered participant so exchanging words either way is not required for this count. Make sure you have not included in this count any QSOs for which you were just acting as an SWL.
SendCount You have to be a registered participant to know what to send and possibly get SendCount points. The person you are sending to, or an SWL copying you, must also submit results data and name you and the word they copied from you. The results analysis program will determine your total points for this based on the number of correct copies of your data. This value will not exceed the number of QSOs but mis-copies by the person you are in QSO with could be made up by someone else listening in and correctly reporting having heard you. Note that the points you earn for this, and your final score, may change as more data comes in to validate your SendCount points.
CopyCount This is the number of |CallSign : Word| combinations you have copied correctly. The results analysis program will determine this value based on the "Word String" you submit. See below. You do not have to be a registered participant to earn CopyCount points. Further, you can act as an SWL and include data you copied that was being sent to someone else and not to you at all.
CallsCount The CopyCount includes multiple words correctly copied from registered players. The CallsCount counts only the number of UNIQUE callsigns from which you have copied at least one word correctly.
BonusPoints After the submit window closes one of the call signs will be picked at random from the list of calls that submitted results (excluding SWLs) to be the designated "BONUS STATION". The results analysis program will search the calls in the "WordString" you submit for a match to the BONUS STATION call sign. If found, you will get a one-time bonus of 25 points. The BONUS STATION will also get the one-time bonus. So the more DIFFERENT stations you work, the greater are your chances of winning the bonus points.

The results analysis program adds the points together to arrive at your final score:

Score = QSOCount + SendCount + CopyCount + CallsCount + BonusPoints

If you are a registered participant, your send points and final score are likely to increase as data comes in from other participants that can verify the "Words" you have sent. So the results are not final until the last processing after the submit window closes.

* * * Bonus call for this event: EA5IIK * * *

Results by Final Score for All Participants
Rank Call Name QSO Send Copy Calls Bonus Score
1 KI8JY Dave 13 10 51 15 25 114
2 W9DLN Dan 34 31 29 17 0 111
3 AF2Z Drew 20 20 25 13 25 103
4 AC9FL Mike 20 15 24 15 25 99
5 W8BFT Ed 17 16 18 11 0 62
6 KB1WOD Dave 16 16 15 11 0 58
7 KB4QQJ Randy 17 11 15 8 0 51
8 KJ4RV Chuck 11 9 10 10 0 40
9 EA5IIK Andy 3 3 3 3 25 37
10 K2PAY Jerry 6 3 1 1 25 36
10 N4IVE David 11 8 11 6 0 36
12 WA2JSG Curt 8 8 8 8 0 32
13 K5MUG Cray 9 7 6 6 0 28
14 AK3X Peter 6 6 6 5 0 23
14 W3NP Dave 6 6 6 5 0 23
16 K3JZD Jody 6 6 6 4 0 22
16 W4LSV Barry 6 6 5 5 0 22
18 AH6AX Larry 5 3 4 4 0 16
19 KFTC John 3 1 3 3 0 10
19 K2RFP Dick 1 0 5 4 0 10
19 KA5VZG Alan 3 3 2 2 0 10
19 VA7UX David 3 3 2 2 0 10
23 WR2E Jeff 2 2 2 2 0 8
24 AI9IN Steve 1 1 1 1 0 4
24 N2HTT Mike 1 1 1 1 0 4
26 DL9YCS Joerg 1 0 0 0 0 1

Graph of percent of total points earned for each activity.

Stats for this event.

Number of people registered for the event: 67
Number of registered participants heard by someone: 34
Number of registered participants that submitted data: 26
Number of un-registered participants that submitted data: 0
Total number of participants that submitted data: 26

The table below, in alphabetical order by call sign, is for registered participants,
that someone has reported copying a word from.

Station = Call sign of the station someone reported as copied.
Submit = Has this station submitted data?
QSO = The number of QSOs reported reported by this station (? = this station did not submit data).
Heard = How many other stations reported hearing this station send something, correctly or not.
Good = Good Send/Copy reports. (Word copied by someone was found in this station's word list.)

Note that the Heard value includes those that you QSO'ed with and those that heard you while they were acting as an SWL. For this reason the value in the Heard column is likely to be more than the number of QSOs. If it is less it is due to one or more participants you QSO'ed with having not submitting their results.

Ideally the value in the Good column should equal the value in the Heard column. It can not be more but it could be less. If it is less it is because the named station made one or more errors in sending and/or one or more of the other stations made an error in copying or reporting what they copied.

1 AC2KZ NO ? 1 1
2 AC9FL YES 20 15 15
3 AF2Z YES 20 20 20
4 AH6AX YES 5 3 3
5 AI9IN YES 1 1 1
6 AK3X YES 6 10 10
7 DL9YCS YES 1 1 0
8 EA5IIK YES 3 8 8
9 K0FTC YES 3 1 1
10 K2PAY YES 6 3 3
11 K3JZD YES 6 9 9
12 K5MUG YES 9 7 7
13 KA2FIR NO ? 1 1
14 KA5VZG YES 3 3 3
15 KB1WOD YES 16 19 18
16 KB4QQJ YES 17 12 11
17 KD2E NO ? 9 8
18 KI8JY YES 13 10 10
19 KJ4RV YES 11 9 9
20 N2HTT YES 1 1 1
21 N4IVE YES 11 9 8
22 N4RAY NO ? 5 5
23 N4TYE NO ? 2 2
24 NB8F NO ? 5 4
25 NX1K NO ? 1 1
26 VA7UX YES 3 4 4
27 W1XT NO ? 1 1
28 W3NP YES 6 10 10
29 W4KRN NO ? 16 16
30 W4LSV YES 6 11 10
31 W8BFT YES 17 16 16
32 W9DLN YES 34 33 31
33 WA2JSG YES 8 13 12
34 WR2E YES 2 2 2

The following call signs have been reported either in a QSO or by someone as SWL but the call is not in the list of registered stations. Although the analysis program can tell who reported these calls, it is left to the participants to check their data to see if they reported any of them.

Likely explanations include or or more of the following: bad sending, bad copying, or something in the first five character positions of the logger's Comment field that was taken as a "word" copied. Whatever the case may be, the person reporting it does not lose point because of having done so.

KA2KGP    N1WPU   

Comments in order received.

Submitted by: KI8JY - Dave

Thanks to all for a nice event despite poor band conditions, 73 -Dave

Submitted by: KB1WOD - Dave

Love this event! Bands were not good. I also had company so didn't get to participate Saturday.

Submitted by: W4LSV - Barry

First Time Fun Event - Wasn't able to operate much due to other commitments.
Glad I was able to log 5 QSO's in last 30 minutes. Thanks to all who were able to
hear me with my Loop in Attic

Submitted by: WA2JSG - Curt

Love this event, but I almost forgot about it. Thanks to Karen W4KRN for the text
reminder at the beginning of the event. Not a good weekend for me for this one, as I
was away all day Saturday operating an Army MARS station from Camp Evans, NJ during
Armed Forces cross band event. Not many CW Fun-ers' on Sunday, so a low count for me
(as usual hi hi). If you're going to Dayton, be sure to stop by the SKCC booth #254
in the north hall to say hello.
Many thanks to Dick K2RFP for putting this event on.

Submitted by: VA7UX - David

I wasn't able to play as much as I wanted, but the bands were bad once again. I guess
a few contacts is better than none.
I wanted to work K2RFP at the very end and I just couldn't hear him.
So, we'll hope the propagation improves for subsequent editions.
The event coordinators are to be congratulated for setting everything up.

Submitted by: KJ4RV - Chuck

1st time playing CW FUN. I had fun so my key must not be defective. Thanks to the
few I pulled out and could copy this rusty CW op.

Submitted by: KB4QQJ - Randy

Well I had to sneak off Special Event duty to find a key and play in CW Fun 19. I
managed a few contacts even in less than good band conditions. Special Thanks to
Rodney who heard me calling CQ for the Special Event and asked if I wanted his FE
word.....YES! says me. Made my day. I managed to work dan before he was called to
family travel. Bands were picking up at the end but just too late for me. I looked
for Dick the last few minutes but never made the Q.
The Special Event was the 245th anniversary of the Battle of Alamance.
I likely used a gigabyte of space on my cell phone trying to catch the cannon in mid
This photo was my best attempt.
73 and looking forward to CWfun 20.


Tryon fires on teh Regulators
Submitted by: K2PAY - Jerry

Out of six contacts, only one had a FE word which I hope I received correctly.

Submitted by: DL9YCS - Joerg

very poor condx and lots of contest stations on the bands.
Thank you Dave for the only FE QSO !!!
73 Joerg DL9YCS SKCC 7150T

Submitted by: KFTC - John

Band conditions were terrible here, as elsewhere I am sure. Tried several times to copy folks that
spotted their frequencies, and just could not hear them. Looking forward to better conditions for
the next FE. 73, John K0FTC

Submitted by: AH6AX - Larry

Wish I had been able to play more in this event - I really enjoy it, as it takes the
SKCC exchange beyond the "wham, bam - RST, NAME, NR"... but, had an
unforeseen major interruption at my QTH and missed the boat. I thank Dick for the
work he's put into this and, I hope he will continue to run the program AND I
encourage more to participate. I wish Dick and SKCC board with get together and
merge this into a 4xyear event as part of WES! (Ok - 'dem's my two cents)... 73!

Submitted by: K5MUG - Cray

Pretty bare event - but I enjoyed this event as usual. Quite a number of ops asking
about FE, hope to see them around next time around. My thanks to the 'regulars' and
the 'newbies'. Important edit - not only was the event pretty bare - obviously I didn't
include my word-list on the first post so it was also 'bare'. It wasn't that much to begin
with but at least now it's something besides getting skunked. Thanks!!! to Jeff/wr2e
for letting me know & Dick/k2rfp for the find. Got it this time!!

Just a little Eye Candy: My Viskey Camelback, awesome straight Key!
Submitted by: KA5VZG - Alan

Bands terrible :-(
I would have been "skunked" but for :Mike,AC9FL; Drew, AF2Z; and Randy, KB4QQJ.

Submitted by: AF2Z - Drew

Crummy condx, but we had better get used to it. What better way than trying to accurately send
and copy random code groups! I couldn't find any of the usual "round robbin" stations to bounce
back and forth with repeat calls so just called CQ a lot. I SWL'd a bunch of W9DLN's QSOs; hope
I give him some points... When is the next event? I am ready for more!

Submitted by: AK3X - Peter

Only got to play a little now and then, and band conditions did not help. Hope the next
one is under better propagation conditions and I have more free time. I was QRP as
usual with a fairly new MFJ 9200. So far, a fun radio, but you have to keep the supply
voltage at around 11 volts. That thing does a solid 10 watts with a 13.8 volt supply!

73 for now. Peter

Submitted by: N2HTT - Mike

Not my most spectacular effort - the weekend suddenly became full with outside and family
commitments, a raging RTTY contest, and then a geomagnetic storm... but fun as always. I will try
to raise my participation to new hights next time :-) 73 & thanks, Mike

N2HTT QRP station
Submitted by: N4IVE - David

I didn't have a whole lot of time to play this awesome and fun game this time around because I had to
work, and then the time I did have the bands were more than a little fussy :( But I did make some
contacts and I did have fun :)

Submitted by: W3NP - Dave

Band condx were deplorable. Every time I got on they seemed to get worse. I even
fired the KPA-500 up for this one. As usual this time of year - busy with not a lot
of time to get on the radio. I hope this event continues in the future.

Submitted by: W9DLN - Dan

Sure missed playing Fun Event all weekend. XYL and I left Saturday morning for a
vacation/business conference/vacation in Wisconsin Dells. Friday night was busy,
Saturday before we left was dead and I have no idea about Sunday. Sounds like
conditions were pretty poor. I am glad FE19 was not cancelled. Sounded like
K2RFP was pretty close to doing that. I sure hope there will be a FE 20. Please
Dick, please, even if there are only a handful of us we love to play we got to have a
#20. Good to hear all the regulars and a few new ones. Short list is BFT, WOD,
2E, JY, KZ, NP, JSG, 3X, 2Z, JZD, RAY, MUG, UX, TYE, QQJ and YL KRN. Sorry
for not working all the others that played. Next time for sure.

My two cents, FWIW, don't try to merge this with a WES event. During FE I really
don't like sending SKCC info. Thanks again K2RFP for running a very very Fun
Event! 73 and GL. DAN


Dick, K2RFP. CW Fun Event Manager
Updated: May 31, 2016 1606 UTC
Programmed by K2RFP. VID: 1.01.159