CW Fun Event-15 Results

Date: May 16, 2015
The data submit window is still open for this Event.

Event Information

Your score for the event is determined from five values as follows:

QSOCount This is the number of stations you have contacted and exchanged data with. You, and the other person do not have to be a registered participant so exchanging words either way is not required for this count. Make sure you have not included in this count any QSOs for which you were just acting as an SWL.
SendCount You have to be a registered participant to know what to send and possibly get SendCount points. The person you are sending to, or an SWL copying you, must also submit results data and name you and the word they copied from you. The results analysis program will determine your total points for this based on the number of correct copies of your data. This value will not exceed the number of QSOs but mis-copies by the person you are in QSO with could be made up by someone else listening in and correctly reporting having heard you. Note that the points you earn for this, and your final score, may change as more data comes in to validate your SendCount points.
CopyCount This is the number of |CallSign : Word| combinations you have copied correctly. The results analysis program will determine this value based on the "Word String" you submit. See below. You do not have to be a registered participant to earn CopyCount points. Further, you can act as an SWL and include data you copied that was being sent to someone else and not to you at all.
CallsCount The CopyCount includes multiple words correctly copied from registered players. The CallsCount counts only the number of UNIQUE callsigns from which you have copied at least one word correctly.
BonusPoints After the submit window closes one of the call signs will be picked at random from the list of calls that submitted results (excluding SWLs) to be the designated "BONUS STATION". The results analysis program will search the calls in the "WordString" you submit for a match to the BONUS STATION call sign. If found, you will get a one-time bonus of 25 points. The BONUS STATION will also get the one-time bonus. So the more DIFFERENT stations you work, the greater are your chances of winning the bonus points.

The results analysis program adds the points together to arrive at your final score:

Score = QSOCount + SendCount + CopyCount + CallsCount + BonusPoints

If you are a registered participant, your send points and final score are likely to increase as data comes in from other participants that can verify the "Words" you have sent. So the results are not final until the last processing after the submit window closes.

* * * Bonus call for this event: KC4HCH * * *

Results by Final Score for All Participants
Rank Call Name QSO Send Copy Calls Bonus Score
1 W9DLN Dan 69 57 64 17 0 207
2 KB4QQJ Randy 40 38 52 17 0 147
3 N6EV Paul 45 29 41 19 0 134
4 AF2Z Drew 22 17 48 17 25 129
5 KKØI Jack 25 25 27 12 25 114
6 AC2C Ron 27 27 26 15 0 95
7 KØFTC John 20 13 14 10 25 82
8 N5JPX Jim 22 22 20 12 0 76
9 N9SE Marty 11 8 13 11 25 68
10 W3NP Dave 18 18 18 12 0 66
11 KA5VZG Alan 19 19 16 11 0 65
12 K5MUG Cray 32 32 0 0 0 64
13 KC4HCH Roger 11 7 10 8 25 61
13 WA5KMA Jim 10 10 9 7 25 61
15 F6HKA Bert 9 9 8 8 25 59
16 KI6BHB Dave 18 14 16 9 0 57
17 KW3F Bob 15 13 15 12 0 55
18 K2RFP Dick 9 6 15 7 0 37
18 NX1K Mark 10 9 9 9 0 37
20 K2PAY Jerry 14 5 7 7 0 33
21 KØMC Mike 5 5 5 5 0 20
22 WK2S Art 4 4 4 3 0 15
23 AI9IN Steve 2 2 2 2 0 8
24 W1EJ Ed 1 1 1 1 0 4
25 GØRDO John 1 0 0 0 0 1

Graph of percent of total points earned for each activity.

Stats for this event.

Number of people registered for the event: 57
Number of registered participants heard by someone: 32
Number of registered participants that submitted data: 25
Number of un-registered participants that submitted data: 0
Total number of participants that submitted data: 25

The table below, in alphabetical order by call sign, is for call signs found in the submitted data that have registered for the event.

Station = Call sign of the station someone reported as copied.
Submit = Has this station submitted data?
QSO = The number of QSOs reported reported by this station (? = this station did not submit data).
Heard = How many other stations reported hearing this station send something, correctly or not.
Good = Good Send/Copy reports. (Word copied by someone was found in this station's word list.)

Note that the Heard value includes those that you QSO'ed with and those that heard you while they were acting as an SWL. For this reason the value in the Heard column is likely to be more than the number of QSOs. If it is less it is due to one or more participants you QSO'ed with having not submitting their results.

Ideally the value in the Good column should equal the value in the Heard column. It can not be more but it could be less. If it is less it is because the named station made one or more errors in sending and/or one or more of the other stations made an error in copying or reporting what they copied.

1 AC2C YES 27 34 33
2 AF2Z YES 22 19 17
3 AF4K NO ? 4 3
4 AI9IN YES 2 2 2
5 DL9YCS NO ? 3 3
6 F6HKA YES 9 17 17
7 K0FTC YES 20 14 13
8 K0MC YES 5 5 5
9 K2PAY YES 14 8 5
10 K2RFP YES 9 7 6
11 K3WAS NO ? 1 1
12 K4ARQ NO ? 5 3
13 K5MUG YES 32 34 34
14 KA5VZG YES 19 21 20
15 KB4QQJ YES 40 43 38
16 KC0PMH NO ? 2 2
17 KC4HCH YES 11 7 7
18 KF7WNS NO ? 4 3
19 KI6BHB YES 18 15 14
20 KK0I YES 25 29 29
21 KV4RH NO ? 1 1
22 KW3F YES 15 14 13
23 N5JPX YES 22 24 24
24 N6EV YES 45 30 29
25 N9SE YES 11 9 8
26 NX1K YES 10 10 9
27 W1EJ YES 1 1 1
28 W3NP YES 18 21 21
29 W9DLN YES 69 58 57
30 W9JDH NO ? 8 8
31 WA5KMA YES 10 10 10
32 WK2S YES 4 6 6

The following call signs have been reported either in a QSO or by someone as SWL but the call is not in the list of registered stations. Although the analysis program can tell who reported these calls, it is left to the participants to check their data to see if they reported any of them.

Likely explanations include or or more of the following: bad sending, bad copying, or something in the first five character positions of the logger's Comment field that was taken as a "word" copied. Whatever the case may be, the person reporting it does not lose point because of having done so.

« None found. »

Comments in order received.

Submitted by: K2RFP - Dick

Busy with other stuff this weekend and when I managed to get on the radio there
wasn't much coming through. I hope things are better for Event-16.
Thanks to all participants,
73, Dick.

Two Ameco KR4s, J-38, Brelco Navy Flameproof.
Submitted by: KKØI - Jack

... got in last minute as I had just returned from being out of the country for the past
three months. Felt great to get a good "cw fix" this weekend. Had a great time as
always. Thanks for all those who participated. Used the K4VIZ Cootie Key for this
event. Hope to catch you all again down the log. Thanks again Dick for coordinating
another CW Fun Event! 73, jack

Submitted by: KØFTC - John

20 QSO's,. 4 SWL copy.
Conditions not so hot.
Thanks to all.
Thanks to K2RFP - Dick - for putting this event and all the others together.
73, John

Submitted by: N9SE - Marty

Went to Dayton Hamvention, so only got on for a little while. 73 and see you all next
time. --Marty, N9SE

Submitted by: N5JPX - Jim

First off, a big “thank-you” to Dick, K2RFP for all the work he did during this event.
He was a participant while doing 2 updates to the logging program and keeping an
eye on things so the rest of us could have fun. Now, if he could just do something
about the propagation! The challenges in North Mississippi were more about the
poor band conditions and thunderstorms. The bands were so quiet at times that I
actually went outside to see if the antenna was still in the air and connected to the
coax. Fun, as always, but a bit more challenging with the weather and poor
propagation. Thanks for the contacts and all the “funny” words. I’ll look forward to
the next one and hope for better conditions.


Submitted by: W3NP - Dave

Thanks to all who participated. There didn't seem to be much FE activity but I was
able to find someone each time I had the chance to get on. 73, Dave

Submitted by: KB4QQJ - Randy

Thanks to Drew, Art and Ron this was the most fun event yet!! It got hoppin' at the
end of the event. Had a Tech class to give Saturday and Sunday was daughter day but
managed to sneak off enough to make a respectable effort. Dick said there was an
issue with Sprintlogger but I'm using build .834 and never had the first hicup. Enter
the call, hit F7 to enter the report rcvd, hit F9 to enter the sord string and hit
"alt enter" to log it, clear the windows and bring up the next word to send. End of
event it automatically produces the report and copies it to the clipboard for pasting
above. The only thing I found was the "URL for submit" link carried me to event
12...I knew better....heh heh
Can't wait for the next one. Dan was present but me thinks the bees were keeping him
occupied again...Ron and Drew were hopping this time. Great draft partners!

73 for now,

Submitted by: KA5VZG - Alan

Band conditions were challenging, lots of storms in our area. Participation seemed
light, but again conditions could have made it appear so. Lots of fun, as always.

Submitted by: GØRDO - John

Well - Propagation was terrible. UK to NA nil. Either that, or my antenna has fallen off the
roof ! I tried most bands but no SKCC FE around, I did work one station - EA8BBJ Felix
on 20m. That was it for the entire 2 days. Felix was not in the FE event though, but thank
you Felix anyway. I got him in the log to avoid a completely blank page HI
Rig: TS-440SAT at 100 watts to a Cushcraft MA6V vertical antenna. Morse key - British
Marconi AS No300A big pump key.

Marconi big pump key, P.S. No 300A
Submitted by: AI9IN - Steve

Just arrived home Sunday evening after short trip. Sorry I couldn't participate more!

Submitted by: AF2Z - Drew

Didn't have a lot of air time this event but I caught the final hour which was quite busy thanks to
Randy KB4QQJ and Ron AC2C-- there were lots of coded groups flying around between the three
of us! ... Wish there was a way for people to generate wordlists and join CW Fun events already in

K3 xcvr; Junker straightkey; 1943 hack watch; paper log & groups list.
Submitted by: N6EV - Paul

Another fun event is in the books. I wish my schedule and the bands would
cooperate! But the time I did get on the air was productive. Thanks again to the
regulars and the first timers! And many thinks to Dick K2RFP and Randy KB4QQJ
for their efforts to run these events. Looking forward to next time.

This go around I reverted to my Bunnell Camelback KOB from around 1878. It has
a fantastic feel and is a joy to use. 73 Paul

Bunnell KOB Camelback
Submitted by: KW3F - Bob

This was my first FE and I like the concept... pretty cool. Wish I could have spent more time.
Looking forward to the next one! - 73, Bob KW3F 2456T

Submitted by: W9DLN - Dan

Thanks for another great event everyone. Not a lot of time for radio last
couple of weekends. I promise to try to get better.

73, GL and BCNU in FE16...


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