CW Fun Event-14 Results

Date: March 21, 2015
The data submit window is still open for this Event.

Event Information

Your score for the event is determined from five values as follows:

QSOCount This is the number of stations you have contacted and exchanged data with. You, and the other person do not have to be a registered participant so exchanging words either way is not required for this count. Make sure you have not included in this count any QSOs for which you were just acting as an SWL.
SendCount You have to be a registered participant to know what to send and possibly get SendCount points. The person you are sending to, or an SWL copying you, must also submit results data and name you and the word they copied from you. The results analysis program will determine your total points for this based on the number of correct copies of your data. This value will not exceed the number of QSOs but mis-copies by the person you are in QSO with could be made up by someone else listening in and correctly reporting having heard you. Note that the points you earn for this, and your final score, may change as more data comes in to validate your SendCount points.
CopyCount This is the number of |CallSign : Word| combinations you have copied correctly. The results analysis program will determine this value based on the "Word String" you submit. See below. You do not have to be a registered participant to earn CopyCount points. Further, you can act as an SWL and include data you copied that was being sent to someone else and not to you at all.
CallsCount The CopyCount includes multiple words correctly copied from registered players. The CallsCount counts only the number of UNIQUE callsigns from which you have copied at least one word correctly.
BonusPoints After the submit window closes one of the call signs will be picked at random from the list of calls that submitted results (excluding SWLs) to be the designated "BONUS STATION". The results analysis program will search the calls in the "WordString" you submit for a match to the BONUS STATION call sign. If found, you will get a one-time bonus of 25 points. The BONUS STATION will also get the one-time bonus. So the more DIFFERENT stations you work, the greater are your chances of winning the bonus points.

The results analysis program adds the points together to arrive at your final score:

Score = QSOCount + SendCount + CopyCount + CallsCount + BonusPoints

If you are a registered participant, your send points and final score are likely to increase as data comes in from other participants that can verify the "Words" you have sent. So the results are not final until the last processing after the submit window closes.

* * * Bonus call for this event: W1EJ * * *

Results by Final Score for All Participants
Rank Call Name QSO Send Copy Calls Bonus Score
1 W9DLN Dan 59 59 57 27 25 227
2 KF7TDF Danny 53 51 58 23 25 210
3 N6EV Paul 39 35 46 24 25 169
4 KB4QQJ Randy 39 39 52 26 0 156
5 K1LEE Lee 39 39 36 20 0 134
6 KØFTC John 37 23 24 18 25 127
7 N5XE Carl 26 26 23 20 25 120
8 KI8JY Dave 18 18 42 17 0 95
9 N5JPX Jim 26 26 26 12 0 90
10 KD8ZGV Ed 26 24 21 15 0 86
11 K2RFP Dick 21 17 27 16 0 81
12 WA1OTZ Rich 18 18 30 14 0 80
13 W3NP Dave 21 21 19 13 0 74
14 NP3CW Julio 23 18 12 11 0 64
15 N9SE Marty 17 14 20 10 0 61
16 KØMC Mike 12 10 7 6 25 60
17 KC4HCH Roger 21 12 15 10 0 58
18 AI9IN Steve 15 15 15 12 0 57
19 KM4VX Ron 16 15 14 11 0 56
19 W1EJ Ed 9 7 9 6 25 56
21 AH6AX Larry 15 14 15 11 0 55
22 AF2Z Drew 9 9 27 7 0 52
23 KK6AW Kelsey 13 13 11 9 0 46
24 K5MUG Cray 11 11 11 10 0 43
25 WA2JSG Curt 11 11 11 9 0 42
26 AK4NY Tom 18 10 6 6 0 40
27 W4KRN Karen 10 10 10 8 0 38
28 W4TMW Tom 9 9 8 8 0 34
29 KB1WOD Dave 8 8 7 6 0 29
30 AC2C Ron 7 7 7 7 0 28
31 WB7EUX Tom 6 5 6 6 0 23
32 AF7LH Jeff 6 6 5 4 0 21
33 NX1K Mark 5 5 5 5 0 20
34 K2PAY Jerry 6 4 4 4 0 18
35 WA5KMA Jim 6 4 4 3 0 17
36 AB8SA Alan 4 4 4 4 0 16
37 KA5VZG Alan 3 3 2 2 0 10
38 K2DEP Steve 1 1 1 1 0 4
39 GØRDO John 1 0 0 0 0 1

Graph of percent of total points earned for each activity.

Stats for this event.

Number of people registered for the event: 147
Number of registered participants heard by someone: 49
Number of registered participants that submitted data: 39
Number of un-registered participants that submitted data: 0
Total number of participants that submitted data: 39

The table below, in alphabetical order by call sign, is for call signs found in the submitted data that have registered for the event.

Station = Call sign of the station someone reported as copied.
Submit = Has this station submitted data?
QSO = The number of QSOs reported reported by this station (? = this station did not submit data).
Heard = How many other stations reported hearing this station send something, correctly or not.
Good = Good Send/Copy reports. (Word copied by someone was found in this station's word list.)

Note that the Heard value includes those that you QSO'ed with and those that heard you while they were acting as an SWL. For this reason the value in the Heard column is likely to be more than the number of QSOs. If it is less it is due to one or more participants you QSO'ed with having not submitting their results.

Ideally the value in the Good column should equal the value in the Heard column. It can not be more but it could be less. If it is less it is because the named station made one or more errors in sending and/or one or more of the other stations made an error in copying or reporting what they copied.

1 AB8SA YES 4 4 4
2 AC2C YES 7 8 8
3 AF2Z YES 9 10 9
4 AF4K NO ? 1 0
5 AF7LH YES 6 9 8
6 AH6AX YES 15 15 14
7 AI9IN YES 15 17 15
8 AK4NY YES 18 13 10
9 K0FTC YES 37 25 23
10 K0HEA NO ? 2 0
11 K0MC YES 12 11 10
12 K1LEE YES 39 48 46
13 K2DEP YES 1 2 2
14 K2PAY YES 6 4 4
15 K2RFP YES 21 19 17
16 K4ARQ NO ? 2 2
17 K5MUG YES 11 14 13
18 KA5VZG YES 3 5 5
19 KB1WOD YES 8 13 12
20 KB4QQJ YES 39 49 48
21 KC0GP NO ? 6 6
22 KC4HCH YES 21 13 12
23 KD8ZGV YES 26 27 24
24 KF7TDF YES 53 52 51
25 KG7PVT NO ? 1 1
26 KI8JY YES 18 21 20
27 KK6AW YES 13 16 16
28 KM4VX YES 16 17 15
29 N2HTT NO ? 1 1
30 N4IDH NO ? 2 2
31 N5JPX YES 26 35 33
32 N5XE YES 26 26 26
33 N6EV YES 39 36 35
34 N7DRW NO ? 7 6
35 N9SE YES 17 15 14
36 NP3CW YES 23 19 18
37 NX1K YES 5 5 5
38 W1EJ YES 9 9 7
39 W1XT NO ? 3 3
40 W3NP YES 21 22 22
41 W4KRN YES 10 15 14
42 W4TMW YES 9 12 11
43 W9DLN YES 59 62 60
44 W9JDH NO ? 3 3
45 WA1OTZ YES 18 21 21
46 WA2JSG YES 11 13 12
47 WA5KMA YES 6 4 4
48 WB7EUX YES 6 5 5
49 WH7TT NO ? 1 0

The following call signs have been reported either in a QSO or by someone as SWL but the call is not in the list of registered stations. Although the analysis program can tell who reported these calls, it is left to the participants to check their data to see if they reported any of them.

Likely explanations include or or more of the following: bad sending, bad copying, or something in the first five character positions of the logger's Comment field that was taken as a "word" copied. Whatever the case may be, the person reporting it does not lose point because of having done so.

KB8ZZV    N1WPU    W7EEU   

Comments in order received.

Submitted by: K1LEE - Lee

Condx about as poor as I can remember, but still fun. Took lots of calls to raise a
QSO. CWFun straightkey ops will have forearms like Popeye! Always a treat to work
Dick K2RFP.
73 until next time, Lee K1LEE

Submitted by: WA2JSG - Curt

Not many for me this time, but still fun. Here 50 watts from an IC-7000 into an
all-band vertical (elevated). Big Ole Kent Straight Key. See y'all next time.

Submitted by: KK6AW - Kelsey

Had fun, only a few hours to play
Kelsey KK6AW

27 Years of fun
Submitted by: AI9IN - Steve

Family duties this weekend, so didn't get in as much time as usual. Bands seemed
a little off also. But, a good time as ever! Most contacts on 40 m, a couple on 20 m,
and NP3CW on 10 m. Gracias, Julio!

Submitted by: N5JPX - Jim

The rain is falling and has been for the last 10 days so a fun event was the perfect
distraction. Fun as always and very nice to work those I could find. The bands
weren't in the best condition and I have some concerns about the antenna after the
snow storms, ice storms and rain storms that have marked this month. Thanks for
the contacts and the "funny" words. I hope to work everyone in the SKS on
Tuesday night and look forward to the next Fun Event. 73, Jim

Submitted by: W9DLN - Dan

Spent most of weekend working on new hobby, beekeeping.

Submitted by: KØFTC - John

I will be interested to see the scoring, I had 3 SWLs and 11 QSO's with folks who
did not have FE words. This event was great fun, and also was a great challenge.
Band conditions, especially today were terrible. But...yesterday, my oldest
granddaughter (12 years old) watched and listened with some fascination as I made
QSO's with SKCC'ers WA2JSG, W5IQS, and W8BN - tnx guys. Then switched to
the paddle and a different log and made contact with the Congo - a first for me, and
of course a Russian with the contest that was going on. She then asked to hear a
Brazilian contact, and sure enough PY3OZ was contesting as well and we made the
QSO. Anyway, that was the best part of the whole event for me. Thanks for all the
QSO's, and to Dick K2RFP for putting this together, the software to log it, and the
software to sort through it. 73, John K0FTC

My N3ZN CW set, a single lever paddle and straight key
Submitted by: N6EV - Paul

Another great FUN Event! Thanks to all who participated. I want to especially
welcome Jeff, AF7LH, who is a new CW op that I've been Elmering into FE. Great
job Jeff, welcome aboard. Hope to see you in future Fun Events.

This time around I used my Partrick & Carter legged camelback, nickel plated,
based on the famous Phelps key. This key, as best as I can tell, was made during
the Reconstruction period, post Civil War somewhere between 1868 and 1870.

Again, let's all strive to bring at least one new operator into FE for the next event.
Talk it up and let everyone know how much fun you had. Looking forward to FE-
15. 73 till then. Paul N6EV

Partrick & Carter Camelback, ca 1868-70
Submitted by: KØMC - Mike

My 1st FE. Will put more effort in the next one. I think solar storm had a big effect
on the FE
73 de Mike (K0MC)

Submitted by: K5MUG - Cray

First Fun Event - didn't get as much time as I wanted but still enjoyed it. Thanks to
all who participated and made it fun. Sent several SKCC'rs and non-members to
the CWFun site - hope they jump in next event (had quite a few great QSO's with
them anyway - a real pleasure).

Two Mean Machines
Submitted by: KB1WOD - Dave

sorry forgot to put in my number of QSOs

Submitted by: KF7TDF - Danny

This is one of my favorite contests, condx were rough most of Sunday but by
watching RBN I could tell when each coast opened up, otherwise you would have
thought there was a wall separating them. always good to hear old favorites and
meet new hams. Pretty amazing how good of fists are still pounding brass with a
skill that (most) everybody thinks is obsolete. I will be looking forward to the next
one, 73 everybody and thanks for the "words of wisdom". 73 danny

Submitted by: W3NP - Dave

Yep, condx really bad for this one. I did manage to work 16 different stations. Dan,
W9DLN was the weakest I have ever heard him on 20.

Submitted by: KB4QQJ - Randy

Started out slow but got better as bands improved. I think a lot of folks were out
testing the spring weather down south. I got to play from Harkers Island and Radio
Island in preparation for the May 100th adversary WES / IOTA co event. Then had to
share time with Daughter Birthday. It was good to find some new players and old hats.
I think Dan was out playing with his bees but Paul in CA was there to take up some
slack and provide me a drafting partner.
Looking forward to the next one.

KX3 into LnR PAR EndFedz at 25 feet. Key was a Kent Prototype I picked up from good
friend Wayne, KC0PMH.

Now guys, You can't call Mickey. He's logging for K2RFP...
Submitted by: GØRDO - John

Wall to wall contesters made 20m no good, plus the higher bands were lacking in
signals. I only managed one QSO, and only other station in the FE that I heard
briefly was Jerry / K2PAY on 20m, but that was enough for me.
My QSO with Andy / EA5IIK / SKCC 12909C at 1600z on 20m was good fun. Plus he
was a point towards my quest for T x 7 (now standing at 323).
Rig was my TS-440S and 100 watts to a Cushcraft MA6V vertical antenna. Key
used was a "GW" straight key, big and heavy brass key on a Welsh slate base.

GW straight key on a Welsh slate base.
Submitted by: KC4HCH - Roger

Big thanks to everyone who participated in this event. Let's hear it for K2RFP !

Submitted by: KM4VX - Ron

This was great and I want to thank the organizers. I had some problem figuring out
how to score and submit the record (as small as it is), but I enjoyed the event and
hope others also did. I have no interest in "contests" but this type casual 48 hour
activity using a straight key is very enjoyable, and helped me with my permanent
CW learning curve. Ron

Submitted by: K2DEP - Steve

Started a little late on Friday but there were just no FE players around on 40M
except the one I worked in an hour and a half time. Thanks KF7TDF for that QSO.
Saturday was a washout with all the other events going on, RTTY, QSO party, etc.
But, it is good to see that amateur radio activity appears to be picking up. See you
next time. 73 Steve

Submitted by: K2RFP - Dick

Not much work for Mickey, my logging assistant.

Thanks to all participants. Until next time,
73, Dick.

Wake me up if Maggie or Pepper calls or if propagation improves. Gonna catch some QRZzzz..
Submitted by: NP3CW - Julio

My first participation on the Fun Event.
Only worked the 10 and 15 meters bands.
Found and contacted many "Amigos" from the SKCC group.
Gave about 10% of my words list to stations worked.
Thanks to Steve AI9IN for the contact,all other participants,K2RFP et all
Good luck to all.

Submitted by: AF2Z - Drew

Could only make it for the final hour of the event. More next time.

Submitted by: W4KRN - Karen

Enjoyed making contacts, but busy weekend and bands filled up with contests. Plus, it didn't help
the band condx were not the best. Hope to have more fun next month. Thanks to all. 73

Submitted by: W4TMW - Tom

Enjoyed the cwfun event, however there didn't seem to be lots of
participants....maybe just my operating times. Station; Flex 6300, Homebrewed OCF
Dipole, homebrewed st. key, magnetic vibroplex and........... a 'balanced bug'
(designed by WB9LPU). 73 to all


Dick, K2RFP. CW Fun Event Manager
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